Client testimonials


I have met Natasha through Euratechnologies / U.S. MAC and I have to admit that it was the best thing that could have happened to Stereograph's U.S. development. She gave us amazing advice on how to adapt our strategy, speech and products to match the U.S. market's expectations. She also organized meetings with the biggest firms in California in the blink of an eye. Finding customers is already a challenge when you first arrive, but being able to reach all the achievements that she has, without stress or issues, was for us a true relief.

Natasha's expertise does not only concern business development: by introducing us to the right people at the right moment (lawyers, bookkeeping, accountants, bank, virtual office), she helped to build a stable and healthy subsidiary to our company in the US.

Natasha's ability to always think forward and propose new things for the company made a true difference and is something we could not work without any more. In a few months, Stereograph turned its revenue from 99% French to 35% American with only one resource in the country.

Natasha has become an essential asset to our global strategy and is the reason why Stereograph works with the biggest, most famous firms in the United States (Safeway, SOM, Sares Regis, HOK among many others). To be entirely honest, I am not comfortable saying how great Natasha is... that might mean losing her!

-Christophe Robert, Co-founder & CEO, Stereograph

We had the pleasure of working with Natasha on defining our US market strategy. From our first interaction we felt that Natasha understood well the mentality of people from central Europe and could relate to our background and way of thinking. This was important for us as it helped us to better understand business norms and ways of thinking and conducting business in Silicon Valley.

Natasha guided us in a firm but non-intrusive way and we felt comfortable following her directions which proved to be our new market strategy. We always received from Natasha direct and honest feedback that we valued. Natasha is a great person to have on a team when you are looking for someone to brainstorm your ideas and get feedback on your business strategy

-Ondrej Homola, CEO, Corinth

We hired Natasha EngagePoint's CEO to help U.S. assess the U.S. market opportunity of our web and mobile solution for conference organizers and attendees. Our goal was to properly position our product for a global launch and learn about different segments of the market to define our customer acquisition strategies. That was our first experience working with a consultant overseas and we are very satisfied with the result.

Natasha was able to quickly get up to speed in understanding our technology and guided U.S. through the analysis of the market landscape to evaluate our offering and its potential. She was very focused on finding the optimal go-to-market strategy for U.S. in the context of a highly competitive market. Natasha's cultural sensitivity, based on her international background and experience, combined with her knowledge of the U.S. marketplace, her "problem-solving" approach and her ability to think out of the box make her a very unique business advisor.

What is striking is that even though the project is successfully completed, we feel that Natasha hasn't closed her 'file' on us. She constantly keeps U.S. informed of important trends and news in Silicon Valley that could be important to our business. We look forward to collaborating with EngagePoint in the future.

-Kirill Rozhkovsky, CEO, Olha Holosa, Product Manager, Omyconf, Russia

I started to work with Natasha two years ago, when my e-learning company ENACO was looking for a strategic partner in the US. Our goal was to form a partnership with a leading American educational institution. Natasha was a key person (who helped us) to identify, evaluate and approach a number of universities and colleges. She prepared U.S. for the meetings, followed up on opportunities, and negotiated the deals. As a result of her efforts, we were able to sign a very important partnership with Stanford University. Natasha is a serious professional who has a broad set of skills that are invaluable for U.S. – from providing strategic business advice to developing marketing documents and representing ENACO in the US. Natasha is also a skillful coach and mentor.

-Helene Lejeune, CEO, ENACO, Lille, France

Natasha is a poised and consummate professional, with an amazing ability to develop and build C-Level relationships. Her strategic approach and understanding of the big picture enable her to deliver results that spur growth rapidly. In less than five months, Natasha's focused efforts have enabled us to meet more than 500 executives and decision makers, and make numerous technical presentations to clients and prospects, a feat we would not have accomplished alone on a small business marketing budget. Natasha is extremely proactive, a creative "out of the box" thinker, yet she has pinpoint focus on strategy and execution. Her international background and broad-ranging contacts serve her extraordinarily well in this regard. On the personal side, Natasha brought a breath of fresh air to reinvigorate our sales and marketing program; with new focus on positioning, personal meetings and presentations to get our firm noticed."

-Candice Tal, CEO, Infortal Worldwide

I had the pleasure of working with EngagePoint's CEO on developing the business strategy and positioning for my social network startup. During several months of very intense work, Natasha has proven to be a very thoughtful, knowledgeable and result-oriented marketing consultant who goes far beyond the agreed scope of work. Natasha is very driven and efficient. She has a passion for my company as if it was her own. Natasha's involvement and her valuable input and creativity, were instrumental in taking our company to the next level. I would recommend EngagePoint to any entrepreneurs wishing to launch their businesses in Silicon Valley.

-Alex Kistenev, CEO, TalkOClock