Achieving success sometimes means creating dynamic partnerships that provide a tangible business and market advantage for our clients. EngagePoint partners as needed with a select group of experts leveraging their knowledge and expertise to ensure your success. From gathering market intelligence to translating requirements into successful products and sound business strategies, EngagePoint will provide your team with tangible advantages and streamline your route to market.

Partner Highlights

Vision & Execution

Turning Innovative Ideas into Global Success

Delving beyond what motivates your target customer to understand what inspires them is at the heart of all successful products. Vision & Execution knows exactly how to drill down into your market segments to discover what inspires them. The insights Vision & Execution produces demonstrates how small changes in your understanding can translate into huge improvements in your product’s marketability and your company’s sustainability. Their skill at developing the best customer experience ensures that the product you’re building is the one the U.S. market wants to buy. This strategic insight enables you to transform your current country focused products and business models into universal solutions resulting in highly effective revenue producing offerings. Vision & Execution's expertise pairs beautifully with EngagePoint’s deep experience in market monetization of your business idea and developing sound business structures that support your company’s continued growth.

Monta Vista Finance

You Have a Vision for Your Company –
Our Job Is to Help You Get There

Seasoned financial expertise is key to the long-term success of any business; this is especially true for early-stage companies and those looking to expand into new markets. Monta Vista Finance understands the nuances of structuring solid business processes and financial models to support a company’s growth and to lay the ground work for raising capital. Their unique CFO-level proficiency, personal integrity and respect for your business will help guide you through your most difficult challenges. Adept at relationship-building in dynamic situations, Monta Vista Finance brings clarity, integrity, and key industry insights to each of their clients, along with extensive hands-on experience and cultural insights gained from working with strategic partners, suppliers, and subsidiaries around the world. Monta Vista Finance's deep financial expertise complements EngagePoint's understanding of market optimization to provide you with a clear path to achieving your vision.